The digital nomad life is full of serenity, incredulity, beauty, banality, and idiosyncrasy. Whether you’re just exploring the nomadic lifestyle or have been digital nomads for years, this collection of notes, stories, and anecdotes aim to inform, to warn, and to inspire.

Basically, I’m here to give a first-person perspective into the life of a digital nomad. It’s going to be uncensored, it may not always be pretty, it’s not always a dream, but it will be the truth — and the truth is something we desperately need more of in our lives.

This is NOT a travel blog. Having said that, the life and world of a nomad are very much focused around travel in one way or another, so there are posts you might find similar to a travel blog.

You seem like you’ve been doing this for awhile…

I’ve blogged about life and travel since 2008:

  • 2008-2013 as Chris in South Korea (stopped after leaving the country)
  • 2013-2014 as Chris in Thailand (stopped after realizing it was a better idea to rebrand and cover more countries)
  • 2014-2018 as One Weird Globe (stopped because… well, keep reading)
  • 2018-present as Worthy Go.

I wrote about the weird and oddball places I visited and occasionally about life as an expat / nomad. I write travel guidebooks and itineraries (see To be honest, though, I got burnt out. Blogging about travel became such a huge part of my identity, even as my desire to write dropped.

In mid-2018, I sold the One Weird Globe blog and began to focus on making tabletop games. (‘Tabletop’, in case you’re curious, is the fancy way of saying ‘board games’ or ‘card games’ in a single word, since not every game has a board. Still confused? Go see I produced the 2019 edition of Becoming a Digital Nomad in December 2018, and slowly got the urge back to write about the digital nomad lifestyle.

What about you?

Monkey on my back 2 150x150 - About I’m Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey), and yes, those really are monkeys on my back from a temple in Thailand. Together with my wife, we’ve lived as digital nomads since 2013

Over the last 30-plus years, I’ve been many things:

  • A Protestant
  • A Royal Ranger (kinda like a Christian Boy Scout)
  • A college student
  • A Business major
  • A swing dancer
  • A tenor in the college choir
  • A member of a barbershop quartet
  • A guy who worked any number of dead-end jobs
  • An expat teaching English in South Korea
  • An award-winning travel blogger
  • A professional photographer

And so on. One funny thing about life is that life without reinvention is… kinda boring.

At present, I am: