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Becoming a Digital Nomad is a life-changer. Seriously. I wrote it to be a life-changer and to really help people create a better life for themselves.

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  • “All things considered – this is a fabulous book and I can’t wait to see the final product.” — Ashley Grant
  • “Chris’ book gives tremendous insight into the wonders and blunders of being a digital nomad. I especially like his well thought out list of resources for choosing a potential city or country to call your next home.” — C.Angel Crush
  • “No stone unturned! This is an incredibly comprehensive resource to take you from the idea of being a digital nomad to making it a reality, covering logistics, planning, and even the emotional process thereof.” — Nora Dunn AKA The Professional Hobo
  • Chris’ book came at the perfect time for us. My husband and I are escaping from capitalism and the cold, here in Connecticut, USA. I have six months to get our lives together, and had just started making a “to-do” list.  Becoming a Digital Nomad not only organized everything for me, so that nothing was forgotten, but also provided all the resources, saving me tons of research time. — Dina Pelletier, MPH
  • The path toward becoming a digital nomad is a long and winding one, and you’ll have to read the whole book to get a comprehensive grasp of it. But in case you’re curious what the whole process is about, here are the basic steps Backe lays out. He also created a series of worksheets to help people through their digital nomad journeys, which are publicly available online and hyperlinked below. — Suzannah Weiss, for Bustle
  • “My favorite part about reading Chris’s book is his honest advice such as “This lifestyle is one that’s actively chosen. It requires contemplation, reflection, but most importantly, it requires the truth.”. Going into our 3rd year as digital nomads we can absolutely attest to the fact that you WILL face criticism and jealousy from those who don’t understand the sacrifices required to take such a leap of faith. Be honest with yourself and then GO FOR IT! Life lived out in the world is endlessly varying and amazing.” — Rhonda Delameter


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