Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey) is an author, blogger, game designer, geek, and entrepreneur. Along with his wife, Laura, he’s lived as a digital nomad since March 2013, and was an expat teaching English in South Korea from 2008-2013. He’s written dozens of guidebooks for cities and countries around the world, and wrote the travel blog One Weird Globe from 2008-2018, covering weird and bizarre destinations .

As nomads, Chris and Laura spent two years in Thailand (six months each in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, and Krabi), three months across Western Europe, about nine months in South America, about a year in the US and Canada (primarily on an epic 17,000km road trip from Nova Scotia to Key West — and back), and about two years in Eastern Europe.

When not traveling, writing, or making games, Chris loves a good pizza and/or a good beer.