What do digital nomads do for work?

Digital nomads work in many different fields in virtually every country on the planet. Their work is predominantly done on the internet, and can be done collaboratively with other people anywhere else on the planet. So long as you don’t have to physically touch someone or be in the same room as the person you’re working with, there’s probably a way to turn it into something a digital nomad can do.

Working as a digital nomad means you’ll be following at least one of these four paths:

  • Consultant — offer advice, counseling, or information to clients.
  • Employee — make stuff or offer a service for your employer.
  • Entrepreneur — run your own business, making products or providing services.
  • Freelancer — take gigs and deliver a product / service in order to be paid.

Some jobs are easier to take on the road, of course. Some of the most common jobs digital nomads have include:

  • Blogger / podcaster / video producer
  • Computer programmer / system admin (creating apps or keeping servers running)
  • Customer service, public relations, or marketing
  • Editor / proofreader / writer
  • Graphic designer / artist / photographer
  • Sales and marketing
  • SEO optimization or management
  • Social media management, content creation, or consulting
  • Teacher (in a classroom, via a webcam, or as part of an online course)
  • Virtual assistant
  • Website developer

A large part of Step 3 is a comprehensive list of things digital nomads are doing for work, along with examples and stories of people that do them.

This is just getting good.

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