What do digital nomads want?

Ask 100 digital nomads and you’ll hear 100 different answers.

This is a classic example of what happens when each person defines their adventure for themselves instead of going off of some rigid, prescribed definition. The better question to ask here is ‘What would your life look like if you could freely chase what you want, without limitations?’

Digital nomads want to live their life their way, on their terms. The digital nomad lifestyle is one that’s consciously and proactively chosen every step of the way. As a result, it will feel different to many people because of how defined their lifestyle is based on their job, their culture, their family, and their friends. Digital nomads redefine their connections to these elements by choosing which elements are worth keeping and which are not.

While there’s plenty of types and sub-types of digital nomads out there, two of the largest types are:

  • ‘Premium’ or ‘luxury’ nomads who enjoy the high life, the penthouse, and so on. 
  • ‘Budget’ or ‘backpacker’ nomads who focus on living cheaply.

Beyond that, digital nomads work, live, eat, drink, socialize, party, travel, shop, engage with local cultures and traditions, and so on. They live according to their beliefs or religion, and they need not follow the traditions, gender roles, or beliefs of their friends or family if they don’t want to.

This is just getting good.

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