I’m always curious where digital nomads are going, and a new year is a perfect time to consider where’s next. I got responses from over 20 digital nomads — if you’re curious about the places or the people, look for the links just below their contributions.

As a digital nomad, you can go anywhere. You don’t need to go to the same hotspots as others, and I hope seeing this broad variety helps you remember that.

Without further ado…

A cruise to Norway

In June 2020 I’m travelling to Norway with my husband and our two young children. We’ll be taking a cruise from the UK on new cruise ship P&O Iona which launches just a few weeks before our trip. A cruise is the best way to visit the Norwegian Fjords as you can best see the stunning natural beauty of the fjords from the sea. We plan to ride the funicular railway up to the top of Mount Floyen and take a boat ride past waterfalls to show our children how beautiful the world can be. We’re also really excited about sailing on a brand-new cruise ship, as Iona sounds really exciting.

Jenni Fielding has a family cruise blog – CruiseMummy.co.uk.


I plan on visiting Colombia in 2020. My reasoning for this, aside from a love of Latin America, is that Colombia is an up and coming travel destination that has grown in popularity in recent years. I’ve personally read numerous blogs where travelers rave about Colombia and all of the diverse sites that the country has to offer. Additionally, the safety situation has vastly improved since the days of Pablo Escobar. With all of this in mind, I get the sense that Colombia is a relatively safe, affordable, and scenic country that would make for a great travel destination in 2020.

Michael is the founder of Passport Explored, a blog that focuses on culture and adventure travel.

A road trip in California

Though I’ve been to sections of California’s Highway One countless times before, I am finally going to return and drive it south from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Actually, I’ve done this entire drive before, too, but so long ago that I need a refresh. Tentatively, I am planning to overnight in Big Sur–where I also honeymooned–and in Cambria for another go at the Hearst Castle. I can’t wait to spend several mind-clearing days gazing out at the Pacific Ocean and making stops in coastal villages for meals and slumber. And I look forward to strolling some uncrowded beaches and to viewing wildlife that includes elephant seals. This is going to make a great story for my website!

Carole Terwilliger Meyers is an active freelancer, website publisher, and blogger at Berkeley and Beyond.

New Zealand and Indonesia

Our travel plans for 2020 are far from set in stone. In fact, we haven’t planned much yet!

But we do know one thing for sure: we are going to start the new year in New Zealand. The South Island is supposed to be mind-blowingly beautiful with mountainous landscapes, azure blue lakes, impressive fjords, and complete serenity.

We have not decided how long to stay but if we ever get tired of New Zealand, the tropical Cook Islands are tempting us with some of the most incredible beaches in the Pacific Ocean.

In March, we have to go back to our home town Copenhagen, Denmark as our documentary film about sustainable coffee production will premiere!

And after that, we will probably spend some time in Indonesia – a country we have fallen in love with because of the amazing people, delicious food and insane waterfalls!

Alexander & Victoria are a vegan digital nomad couple focusing on how to travel sustainably at northabroad.com.


In 2020, I’m going to Koh Lanta, Thailand. It’s one of the hot spots for digital nomads in Thailand and it’s the perfect time of the year to go. Imagine sunshine, beaches and snorkeling trips every weekend, and you’re almost there. Koh Lanta has one co-working space. This also means the digital nomad community is grouped in one spot. That said, it’s easy to make friends there. Having a community is very important when you’re a nomad, so going to Koh Lanta is a great choice especially for those traveling alone. There are gyms, good restaurants and fun things to do in and around the island. It’s ideal for a healthy balanced nomadic lifestyle.

Melissa Giroux is a Canadian digital nomad and owns the blog Nomad Life 101.

The US Gulf Coast

The phenomenal US Gulf Coast—Key West to South Padre—offers constant access to the planet’s freshest and tastiest seafood, sun and fun adventures, and endless clean beaches. Each of the five states also has their own personality. Florida Gulf Coast has abundant sugar sand beaches, some of the world’s best shell collecting, and the 10,000 islands of the Everglades (the only place where alligators and crocodiles live together)—plus manatees and palm trees!

Alabama Gulf Coast and Coastal Mississippi present endless wide beaches, magnificent live oak trees, tasty oysters and shrimp, and friendly residents. Louisiana Gulf Coast is different than other US Gulf Coast states with an ever-changing coastline full of bayous and swampland; and of course vibrant Cajun and Creole cultures. Texas Gulf Coast is a worthy bookend of Florida Gulf Coast, with its own version of fishing and water activities, sugar sand beaches, and continual sunshine and subtropical weather.

Thanks to Charles for the photo!

Charles McCool works with destinations and brands to promote fun and unique travel experiences to highly engaged audiences.

Medellin, Colombia

In 2020, the first stop the list for my digital nomad plans is the city of Medellin, located in Colombia. As a recent college graduate from Canada, my digital nomad lifestyle is still in its infancy, and I have only been working remotely from Daytona Beach, Florida, for the past 3 months. I’m choosing Medellin for my first ‘real’ digital nomad experience as it has been widely covered as one of the top digital nomad destinations and seems to have a vibrant, global community. Plus, I’m currently trying to learn Spanish, so I figure there’s no better way to accelerate that process than to dive into a new culture!

Tom is a Canadian personal finance blogger at This Online World, a website that is dedicated to helping young adults save money and make money online.


In 2020, our little family of four is heading to Vietnam. We’re excited to get back to Southeast Asia, where we haven’t been since our very first trip with a baby, when our oldest was just 4 months old! Vietnam will be new for all of us, and we’re stoked to explore both Hanoi and Da Nang in our 2 weeks there.

We live in a very rainy, gloomy climate, so we always prefer to escape to sunshine in the winter. We can’t wait to enjoy lazy days on the beach with our toddler and our baby, not to mention all the yummy food.

With a one-day layover in Seoul, we’re making the most of the time that we have available on a short break from work!

Dani is the voice behind Diapers in Paradise, where she gives tips, tricks, and destination guides all about traveling with babies and toddlers.

Morocco… in a motorhome

In 2020, we are travelling to Morocco, North Africa in our motorhome. We’ve long wanted to go to Morocco for the mystery, the heat, the desert and the colourful cities of Marrakesh and Fez. We hope to find authentic villages and towns, roads across mountains and sand dunes, souks and kasbahs aplenty, with friendly and welcoming locals. We expect to cover several thousand miles and be there for at least ten weeks, slow travelling to get a real feel for the country and people. Morocco in a motorhome is an adventure; exciting, a little bit risky and the unknown…what more could we ask for?

The Gap Decaders are Izzy and Phil, who sold their house and quit work to travel full-time in a motorhome, they share their adventures here https://thegapdecaders.com.

A South African safari

The trip I’m most looking forward to in 2020 is the four weeks planned out of my day job to properly explore Kruger National Park in north eastern South Africa.

For me, Kruger National Park is the ultimate location for a self-drive safari. Not only is it enormous (coming in at close to 20,000 square kilometers), but it has a high density and a huge breadth of wildlife. Alongside the ever-present “big five” there are over 140 species of mammal and 500 species of birds in the park. There really is an adventure waiting around every corner!

DIY safaris in Kruger are made easy by a network of dozens of camps within the park offering something for all budgets, and over 2,000 kilometers of roads – mostly high-quality dirt tracks. The ability to escape the crowds and chose your own route makes for a truly unique and memorable safari experience.

Ed Gold specialises in writing about all things relating to African safaris for the safari blog safarisafricana.com.

A US road trip

In 2020 we are heading out on a three week road trip around the South West of America, stopping on the way at the Las Vegas wedding chapel, where we got married exactly 20 years ago. We will be revisiting our past but sharing it with our children, who are excited to be staying in a pyramid at the Luxor, surrounded by huge fake sphinxes.

I love the fact that you are mid crazy city one minute and mid desert, Death Valley style, the next. There are red rock canyons to see and then roller coasters shooting out of sky scrapers, bars rotating on the top of towers and fountains that dance to music. I may even pack my wedding dress.

Helen spent 2 and a half years pottering around the world, and am now all grown up and work in a school, which does allow me plenty of time, if not money, to keep exploring with my children and sharing the mishaps, surprises, stories and lessons learned in my new family adventures travel blog www.holidaysfromhels.co.uk.

Sri Lanka

After a few years toying with the idea and seeing many friends already visit, I’m off to Sri Lanka! Why? Well besides it being voted the best adventure destination in Asia and the number one country in the world to visit in 2019, it feels a bit like familiar territory. After living in Thailand for 10 years, Sri Lanka seems to have the same vibe. That modernization if you want it mixed with the beauty of nature and originality of the past. It’s also a rapidly changing culture due to the increasing tourism, and I’d like to visit before too much changes.

The kids are going to tag along for the ride too and from the sounds of it, it’s going to be an adventure. From trying out the surf, to eating all the incredible food, to visiting lush mountain ranges, what could be better? Well, one of the highlights of Sri Lanka is its national parks. Here, you can go on a safari and see wild animals. We can’t wait!

Lindsay loves to share all the incredible activities and events to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand on her blog Chiang Mai Family Guide.

Brazil and South America

In 2020 I will finally visit South America, the only continent that I have not put my feet on. To do this debut I chose to visit Brazil starting from the north, from Manaus to Belem along the Amazon River. Boats, hikes, bus rides, these will all be transportation methods during the holiday. I did not plan much, just the main areas I want to visit, then I will see how far south I can go before starting my next mission. The focus will still remain on exploring the culture of locals, interacting with them as much as possible. I somehow hope that my humanitarian mission will begin late in the year so that I will have more time to explore Brazil.

Odo is an Italian humanitarian based in Varese travelling the world while working in emergencies. 

Papua New Guinea

Next year I will be going to Papua New Guinea. This is my last country in Asia to visit and one that has been on my bucket list for years. The reason why I have not gone before is because it is very expensive nad because I wanted to visit during one of the festivals and there are mainly two that I am interested in. The tickets and spaces sell out very much in advance so it has been hard in the past to be able to plan ahead.

Visiting Papua New Guinea for the festivals is a great photography opportunity and the chance to see one of the most colorful events in Asia. The trip will also include a visit to see birds of paradise and some days diving in the country’s top dive spots. All in all, it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Mar Pages has been to 115 countries in the last 15 years, and as her Instagram bio indicates, she likes to wear red.


My first stop in 2020 will be Bansko, Bulgaria! It’s a digital nomad hub thanks to the thriving coworking space, Coworking Bansko, and I’m excited to get involved in the community. I’m also stoked for the nature since it’s in the mountains, and for SNOW. While most digital nomads seem to migrate towards warmer places, I’ve just spent a month in Thailand and am ready to embrace the cold!

After that, I’d really like to go to the Arctic – I visited in 2017 and fell in love with the beautiful and unique landscape. There’s something magical about the endless snow and wind whipping your face – or is that just me? After that – who knows! If I haven’t frozen to death I’ll probably need to go somewhere warmer to thaw out for a bit – I’m thinking Greece. At some point, I’ll need to go home to California! Because, you know, family.

If you’re curious about an honest account of life without a permanent address, pop over to Kelsey’s blog at Sights Better Seen to read more about her (mis)adventures.

Edinburgh, Scotland

In 2020 I’m going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland! Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world and one I crossed off my bucket list this year. But for a month long festival, only experiencing it for 4 days was not long enough, so this year I’m going back for a full 2 weeks.

Edinburgh as a city basically shuts down during the month of August as the festival continues to grow larger each year. In 2018 alone, over 56,000 performances took place in over 300 venues. To say the creative energy is electric is an understatement.

Beyond the ticketed plays, musicals, improv and dance shows there are also a range of free street performances, bars and cafes to escape the rain and people from all over the world to meet and mingle with. It’s one of the most enjoyable festivals I’ve ever attended and I can’t wait to return.

Tayler is a Digital Nomad Lifestyle Blogger at Traveling Tayler.


Having been born and raised in Galicia, on the southwest of Europe, we never tire of returning to Asia, a continent that has always welcomed us with open arms. And one that is significantly different from our homeland.
So during this year that starts, we would like to explore some of the countries we have left to visit in Southeast Asia. Like Vietnam. With its photogenic landscapes, legendary food and characteristic hospitality, we know that if we make it happen it will be one of those trips that remain in our memory – and heart – forever.

Inma Gregorio blogs at A World to Travel.

Rediscovering Budapest

We are a Polish-Italian couple based in Budapest, Hungary. In 2020, instead of travelling often, we will rediscover Budapest with new eyes: we’re having a baby in May!

We love the special vibe here: the magnificent Danube river, the Austro-Hungarian architecture, the lively  atmosphere of bars, restaurants and cultural events. Compared to similar cities like Vienna or Prague, it is more friendly and real: it can be messy, it still shows the signs of wars from decades ago, and many buildings need renovations. Even though it’s becoming a popular touristic destination, it doesn’t feel like a perfectly polished Disneyland! It’s also a pretty cheap place to live, which makes it perfect to meet other foreigners and digital nomads.

We can’t wait to rediscover Budapest and to show our favourite places to our baby.

Giulia and Darek work full-time jobs and share their efficient and spontaneous itineraries on their blog, Travelling Sunglasses.

Vegan tours, anyone?

I’ve just finished a five-month trip across Asia in the second half of 2019, so I’m actually looking forward to staying put for a while this year and working on my blog as much as I can. Having said that, I do have three trips planned in 2020. Two are for vegan tours that I will be leading. The first one is a vegan tour of Portugal in the spring, and the second is a vegan tour of Italy in the autumn. In addition, my husband and I will be walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, as we do every year. This time, we are taking a seldom-used route called the Camino Olvidado that starts in Bilbao. We will set out in early June and should reach Santiago about a month later.

Wendy Werneth is the author of the book Veggie Planet and the creator of the award-winning vegan travel blog The Nomadic Vegan, where she uncovers vegan treasures across the globe.


Myanmar is an offbeat country that hasn’t seen many travelers even though the place is gorgeous. Just next to India, Myanmar, formerly also known as Burma, makes for an easy trip from India for you can either fly there or cross into Burma via land from the Northeastern states of India.

I am going to Burma for the year-end celebrations and would be traveling in Burma for the most part of January. But what makes Burma special?

Be it good street food, ancient pagodas, adventure activities, stunning beaches, or rich culture, Myanmar has it all. Travelers either travel from the North to the South, starting from the capital Mandalay down to Yangon, or some also fly into Yangon and make their way up the country.

Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan, are only some of the cities of Burma worth visiting but you can’t miss the forests and beaches spread around Burma that make for some good offbeat adventure.

Priyanka Gupta is an itinerant travel blogger from India and writes on the blog On My Canvas.

The UK and more

2020 is full of prospects! Im excited for some amazing staycations in the UK, but also feel ready to spread my wings. As the world gets smaller, I think it’s time tor reach some of those off the beaten track places, like South Georgia, en-route to Antarctica for its incredible wildlife and unique setting!

For weekend breaks, my heart remains in Europe and with Brexit now looking like it’s happening, I want to take the chance to see as much as I can on the continent. Andorra is the perfect winter holiday destination and Bulgaria in the summer is immensely enticing.
Danni is a woman on a mission to blog her way through the dream of living in 10 countries before she dies, with the help of working holiday visas, expat jobs and other great ways to live and work abroad.

Portugal and Spain

After living in South America for the past year, Im setting my sites on Portugal and Spain for Summer 2020, and might add in Germany and the Netherlands. I travel with my two dogs, and while we really enjoyed traveling within South America, travel within Europe with pets is much easier!
Once your dog gets a European Pet Passport, they can country hop within the EU without extra vet visits or treatments. That means it’s quicker, easier, and cheaper to travel with your dogs across borders.
Candy Pilar Godoy often travels with her dogs, and writes about pet travel on her blog Boogiethepug.com.


I’m planning plenty of travel through the coming year, home and abroad, and the trip I’m most excited about is a winter staycation in Stratford-upon-Avon, to walk in Shakespeare’s footsteps. Summer is the time when Shakespeare pilgrims flock to Stratford, but the winter is an especially good time.

To entertain visitors in winter Stratford host multiple activities, many associated with Shakespeare, and many more typical of an Elizabethan winter in an English market town. For example, the English tradition of wassailing (a traditional singing of carols while enjoying the spiced drink, Wassail) goes on all over town, which you can enjoy before or after a performance at one of the many theatres.

Stratford is overwhelmed with winter flowers, too, remembering the traditional laying of flowers to celebrate the downing of tools, making it a particularly beautiful time to visit the historic town.

Warren King writes the NoSweatShakespeare blog, jam-packed full of Shakespeare resources and selections of Shakespeare best quotes.

Last but not least… we’ll be in Eastern Europe.

We celebrated the new year in Kyiv, Ukraine, a city I’ll have to write more about. As a spot for digital nomads, it’s perfect — very cheap, good internet — though I’ll freely admit the winter isn’t the best time of the year to visit unless you love the cold!

We’ve spent much of the last couple of years in or around Eastern Europe, and we’ve just about been everywhere in the region. Next up is Poland — one of the few we haven’t been to — and then who knows?