Where do digital nomads work?

Let’s start this one by dispelling a common myth: very very few digital nomads ever work on the beach. Beyond the fact that laptops don’t like sand or sea water, beaches aren’t exactly the most secure places, and it can be hard to get comfortable in a hammock or a beach chair… If you see someone sharing a picture of a computer on a beach, it’s probably for a photo op.

Most digital nomads get their work done in one of a few places:

  • A co-working space (furnished office space that’s rentable by the day, week, or month)
  • A coffee shop or cafe (usually with free wifi, and obviously easy access to good coffee)
  • Wherever they’re staying

Each of these has their pros and cons:

  • Co-working spaces are a natural place to connect with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, but can be expensive and not always ideal for some types of work.
  • Coffee shops can be cheaper to stay in and easier to find, but wifi might be spotty or insecure.
  • Wherever you’re staying is easy to reach and no extra cost, but it can be hard to separate work time and play time

This is just getting good.

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