Where should I be a digital nomad?

This is a personal decision that will be unique to each person, and it’s based on a lot of different elements:

  • A place that is easy or cheap to reach
  • What sort of weather or climate you prefer
  • How foreign or familiar you want a place to feel
  • Whether you prefer an urban capital or a smaller city
  • What sort of activities you want to do there
  • Physical considerations (e.g. I hate walking up hills!)

This process can feel overwhelming at first — the world is a big place, after all, and there are plenty of places to check out. Two of the book’s worksheets go into much more detail, asking specific questions and inviting your specific responses.

Worth noting: a lot of places digital nomads initially go to are urban centers / cities. As you gain more experience and comfort with the lifestyle, you’ll discover how easy it is to make a life for yourself anywhere you go. Going rural can add a degree of difficulty to going nomad, however — a higher language barrier, more difficulty finding the things you need or want, slower or less reliable internet — so I’d strongly recommend your first stop be a city of some size.

This is just getting good.

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