Why do people stop being digital nomads?

Just like the reasons people start being a digital nomad, there are many reasons why people stop being a digital nomad:

  • You miss your friends and family
  • You’re ready to start a new chapter in life
  • You find you prefer a more traditional lifestyle
  • You want to take a more traditional job
  • You discover a place you want to live / stay for a long time

Very few people remain digital nomads for their entire lives, and virtually every digital nomad will return to their home country after a time. Step 8 in the book focuses on seeing your home country through the lens of the digital nomad lifestyle and the experiences you’ve had, helping you deal with ‘reverse culture shock’, and re-acclimating to a new, post-digital-nomad life.

The circumstances of returning where you came from can be anywhere from a glorious return involving plenty of pomp and circumstance to a reluctant trip home out of necessity: a loved one is getting married, having a child, has passed away, has some sort of medical emergency, or the like. Maybe you enjoyed your time as a digital nomad, but are now ready to settle in, buy a house, or otherwise return to a more traditional lifestyle. Whatever the circumstances, a decision has been made, and the journey is changing.

This is just getting good.

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