Why is the digital nomad lifestyle growing?

On one level, the traditional way of life is no longer appealing, sustainable, or even the only way to live. Thanks to the internet, we now have access to more information and opportunities than ever before. People don’t have to get married, get a job, buy a house, or ‘put down roots’ if they don’t want to, or if they don’t see the benefits in it.

Part of this comes from the reality that more and more people can’t afford that traditional way of life. As just one example, houses are becoming more expensive even as people don’t have the down payments necessary to buy them. Life becomes about more than having things, but in sharing experiences and having the flexibility to do what you like.

More people look at ownership of things as optional. Why buy a car when you can take an Uber? Why buy a house when you can get an Airbnb? I need not own something to enjoy something.

On another level, the digital nomad lifestyle is increasingly sustainable, supportive, and accepted. We’re well past the ‘early adopter’ stage and well into the ‘mainstream’ mindset now, and people have been digital nomads for well over a decade now.

To be sure, plenty of people still get married, get a job, and buy a house — they just may not be doing all three of those in the same city, or even the same country!


This is just getting good.

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