Whoever you are, whatever prompted you to check this site out, welcome. Whether we’ve met before in-person or you’ve heard of me, it’s great to see you here.

Let me copy and paste a part of the About page here to give you an idea of what to expect:

The digital nomad life is full of serenity, incredulity, beauty, banality, and idiosyncrasy. Sometimes, however, it can feel like you’re just orbiting the planet… like you’re on a spaceship. Whether you’re just exploring the nomadic lifestyle or have been digital nomads for years, this collection of notes, stories, and anecdotes aim to inform, to warn, and to inspire.

Basically, I’m here to give a first-person perspective into the life of a digital nomad. It’s going to be uncensored, it may not always be pretty, it’s not always a dream, but it will be the truth — and the truth is something we desperately need more of in our lives.

Buckle up, folks — this is going to be an interesting ride.