Yes, you can

If you’ve thought about becoming a digital nomad but said ‘Oh, I can’t do that, I’m…’, this page is here to say ‘yes, you can!’.

One huge disclaimer here that’s also in the book: not everyone should become a nomad, but most people can. Don’t let your fear, self-doubt, or other things you can’t control stop you from making a life of your choice.

One more thing: this is not intended to be a complete or exhaustive list. It’s made up of digital nomads who talk about their life / lifestyle online — people like you that can serve as guides, inspirations, or examples. Comment or reach out to add more examples!

Women traveling solo


Gay couple

Lesbian couple

Young couple

50 years or older

Medical / health issues

Travels with spouse / partner and child(ren)

Travels with spouse / partner and 3 or more children

Single parent

Travels with a baby / toddler

Not from North America or Europe

Differently abled